CFI has been an established brand for quite some time, and the logo has much remained the same. One of our major goals was to modernize and solidify the CFI brand. After in-depth brand and competition analysis, we designed multiple logo options that portrayed hints of our personality. After reflecting on our company values and careful design scrutiny, our final logo was born. And it’s a result of CFI-collaboration at its finest!

Ultimately, the final logo is the result of a combination of ideas that work in concert to best represent the people, the culture, and the identity of CFI.

Because we wanted to marry our company history with our future, orderly and modern elements were used in the final design. These elements best represent the professional and upscale demeanor of our company. Furthermore, the geometric shape of the typography represents the stability and reliability of the brand. It also represents the permanent, influential role it plays in the industry. The negative space in the tie of the “F”, which marries the top and bottom half of the letter, represents our professional space planning capabilities, attention to detail, and knowledge of the psychological effects space has on mood, creativity, and productivity.

Most importantly, all of the elements combined portray an overall feeling of “coming together.” This represents the unity of our history and future, as well as our people.

“Our logo is the first experience the world has with our brand, so we focused on developing a mark that is symbolic of everything we are.”
Sherri Burgdorff, Marketing Director

CFI NJ and CFI NY are extremely proud of our new brand and are excited to boast our new mark! Let us know how much YOU love our logo by sharing this post on social media!

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