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Commercial Furniture Interiors | New Jersey

When making a decision to buy office furniture, you are also making a decision about a relationship with the local furniture dealer. We believe that this is the most important part of the decision. From order entry through punch list completion, an entire team of CFI professionals will be working behind the scenes and on site to assure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

CFI Teamwork

 CFI will work in concert with your teams to ensure cohesion across the project scope. 

CFI works in concert with your teams to ensure cohesion across the project scope. The elements below represent a "menu" of services available to our clients. Our role is not to displace existing professionals but to augment and provide those services not represented on your current project roster.

Project Management

Our extensive expertise enables us to provide the following:

no1Program your space based on your organizational/business goals for facility

no2Establish a color palette to guide furniture and finish selections

no3Provide layouts and 3D renderings to visualize the end results before making commitments

no4Procure the required product with best value pricing

Installation Management

Just as importantly, top-notch CFI Installation Management assures a seamless execution of your project.
This entails:

  Development of project schedules
  Oversee and provide progress meeting notes and actions
  Analyze and approve proposals and invoices
  Manage and report on progress of all work on site
  Develop and administer project budgets
  Single point of contact for coordination with stakeholders

In addition to the planning and execution of interior needs, CFI can help you ensure Long-Term Efficiency of your furniture by employing the following programs:

  Standards Program

By developing company-wide furniture standards for your organization, you can control purchases, manage assets and respond to the changing needs of your business efficiently and cost effectively. CFI has the technology and expertise to assist with assessing needs, developing a program and executing that program through the use of our online tools.

The online capabilities allow users to see and select only the products available through the program. Once they select which items they need, an order request is generated and sent to a designated individual in your organization for approval.

  Asset Management

Today's furniture solutions should provide your firm with a useful life of several decades. We recognize that your investment in furniture can be significant. Properly maintaining a useful inventory can save your company thousands of dollars every day.

Most importantly, we strive to keep product out of the warehouse where it does you no good. We work to reduce your vocabulary of products as a way to maximize return on investment. We sell inventories, buy inventories, refurbish inventories and replace inventories every day for our customers.

  Move Management

To enable a smooth and seamless move, we are able to assist with these key actions:

  • Identify the critical path for all decisions and prepare a move schedule
  • Oversee the tagging of furniture and equipment
  • Coordinate efforts of all affected vendors during the physical move
  • Provide on-site supervision of all vendors and tenant "move captains" during the relocation
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