CFI’s story begins in the past and is forever ongoing.

Our company was born from an idea that flourished in New York City. It was determinedly rebellious, but its rebellion was revolutionary. Not only did it witness the birth of historically new office design, it became the guiding light of a new lifestyle and of future generations. Struck with interest and a little bit of fate, it earned and owned its place and evolved to become a trailblazer in the world. It welcomed new ideas, directed impactful change, and influenced people’s lives. It created a new way to work and a new way to live.

With open arms, CFI grew rapidly, adopting intelligence and innovative thought into its family over the years. With its incredible hard work and selflessness, CFI owned its name in 1994, and grew to be the amazing, future-driven group of people it is today. Forward-thinking, committed, and honest. We look to the future while respecting expertise gained over our broad history.

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We understand that an office environment must be adaptable to change in order to have lasting value.

We offer comprehensive solutions for office furniture, architectural interior products, collaborative technology solutions, and related facility services for clients based in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area, and we travel to wherever your business takes us. We create affordable, productive spaces – from simple offices to complex environments that align clients’ real estate with their business goals and inspire the highest level of performance from their space and people.

CFI is the ONLY certified walls dealer in NJ


As an award-winning office furniture interiors firm, we help breathe life into company culture through our attention to detail and our understanding of beautiful form and function. We have extensive experience working with the A&D community and will work in every commercial field to help influence a successful project.

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“Walk the CFI Path” – We’ll help you every step of the way.



Our primary goal is to create sustainable workplaces that utilize space effectively, promote a healthy work environment, and boost productivity. We achieve this by fully understanding the objectives and restraints of your project, including your budget and your desired aesthetic, as well as individual and group work styles. We study the ergonomics of your current space and your privacy needs and really get to know what will help improve your workplace.

Planning Rendering


We work with you to coordinate a timeline and a plan that suits your needs. We handle all of the gritty details so you don’t have to do it! We’ll provide you with design typicals, actual specifications, finishes, and pricing, and we’ll verify all dimensions and your selections.

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Installation of Walls


Installation is easy because we handle everything! We’ll coordinate installers, develop and submit punch lists during the process, and even train employees on equipment and furniture usage. We’ll check-in with you as much as you need us to so you can rest easy. But we don’t stop there! We’re here for you even after your amazing new space is in use, as we provide ongoing maintenance of your account.

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We are committed to providing the best quality service and we always honor the promises we make.

We value meaningful relationships within our own company, as well as with our clients, the community, and the planet. We are dedicated to fulfilling our service vision: To create a great experience and improve people’s lives by connecting people, space, and technology. Every single one of us within the CFI family works hard to guide leaders to make confident, intelligent decisions. We are honest at all times and strive to keep a reputation of being trustworthy. By remaining flexible, we always welcome new challenges, new ideas, and new perspectives, as all of these allow us to be innovative and creative with our work and communications. We want to know about your ideas and project goals, so send us a message!

Our Commitment


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Professional, knowledgable, detail-oriented. CFI has an amazing team that took care of our client like they were their own. I’ve enjoyed working with them on many projects over the last 6 years, and I’m looking forward to working with CFI on our next project.

Laure Crowder, RCF Group

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team once more for your assistance and efforts with the furniture delivery and installation process. Not only did you and the team work quickly and efficiently to ensure we got set up on schedule, but you did so in the midst of a snow storm! Our attorneys continue to be very happy with the office set up and appreciate how you accommodated our many requests and changes throughout the process. Thanks again for the great work, patience and flexibility.

Crosby Enright, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

Two people came to fix my desk. They were very kind and my colleague told me that they thoroughly explained what they did to fix the desk. Sincere thanks to CFI for facilitating this!

Aleia, Rutgers University - Newark

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication on the Hong Kong project. Your design input and logistics coordination with Haworth APAC were incredibly helpful and most appreciated. The local team and I are VERY pleased with the results.

Tom Thomas, Duff & Phelps, LLC