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Commercial Furniture Interiors | New Jersey

Idea Starters

Inspiration often times comes from seeing images of the work of others. As you scroll through the examples below, we hope you find ideas to integrate with your project. These are just a sample of how we tailor space to our client's needs.

CFI Learning Centers CFI Waiting Area Furniture CFI Open Furniture Design CFI Lounge Meeting Space Furniture CFI Formal Lecture Space CFI Furniture Merging with Views CFI Design with Architects and Building CFI Furniture Balance Work Privacy CFI Cool and Comfy CFI Private Office CFI Collaborative Meeting Space Movable Glass Partitions CFI Medical Reception Area CFI Loft Design CFI Open Plan Design CFI Welcome Design CFI Timeless Design


Environments for institutions or corporate


...or Hoteling spaces for collaborative work

Open & Airy

Break rooms to get away for a while


Furniture that makes great informal space

Formal Auditorium

With seating, podium and tables

Open Plan

We integrate with building architecture


That work with building architecture


That balance collaboration and privacy

Cool and comfy

European inspired design

Private office

Furnishings with all the trimmings

Collaborative spaces

With technology integration

Moveable glass

Conference room fronts that make a statement

Medical Reception

We design space for maximum utilization

That Loft Feel

Contemporary systems meet the brick wall

Views Galore

Inviting guest spaces with a view of your neighborhood

Welcoming Space

Mixed materials create visual interest

Timeless Interiors

Color, materiality and accessories create timeless space

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