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All CFI task chairs include five casters on the bottom for better stability. This makes it possible for the user to roll easily from one place to the other while performing various tasks, hence the name task chairs. It also makes it easier for the user to pull in toward an office desk in order to type, and then push away when ready to exit the chair.

Some task chair models also have adjustable back rests or seats that allow the user to adjust the way the chair supports his or her back and legs. In this way, the user can obtain a maximum level of comfort. Some chairs also include armrests. In this case, the height of the armrests can often be lowered or raised in order to accommodate users of various heights. This is usually done by pushing a button and applying pressure to lower the armrests, or by simply pulling up on the armrests to lift them higher.

To further aid in work efficiency, task chairs also swivel at the bottom. This allows the user to easily swivel back and forth between tasks. It also makes it easier to sit in the chair and enter a workstation simply by swiveling the chair away from the desk in order to sit down, then swiveling it back toward the desk to begin working.

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