To enhance efficiency and communication, we provide dedicated management to act as the single point of contact for all project-related activities.



CFI Project Managers are highly educated in project management theory and application across many platforms.

We follow the standards published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). We are also well-versed in Microsoft Project to appropriately plan your project and identify and meet key milestones. We are experienced in all aspects of the interior process and in interacting with various trades on a professional level. Successfully assisting you from start to finish (and beyond!) is our highest priority.

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Ergonomic Consulting

Our research-based training and assessments improve employee comfort while lowering the risk for injury. Tailoring our consulting to your business needs and goals for a true return on investment is important to us.

Logistics Coordination

Logistics Coordination

Letting us sequence other trades, such as electricians and transportation services, makes things easier for you. We also organize everything that is required to make certain your products arrive when needed and are installed on time.


We work closely with your in-house staff or your owners rep to assure on-time ordering and a rational installation schedule.

Project Finalization

A punch list of any damages incurred during shipment is provided and corrective actions are executed and managed.


User Training

We provide thorough services for move-in-day, including employee training. Teaching people the correct way to use their new furniture helps employees adjust to their new environment and sets up a workplace for success. Topics we cover include how to use height adjustable tables properly, the correct way to adjust a task chair, and setting up a work area to best suit the users’ needs. We also train onsite facilities managers and equip them with simple instructions on how to fix or make adjustments to the furniture as needed. With all of these tools, we assure users that change doesn’t have to be intimidating. Instead, it is a rewarding experience that is long-lasting.



We evaluate your existing workplace layout and inventory and develop a new plan to best suit your needs. The result is a refreshed environment that can accommodate changing staff requirements, all while ensuring optimum performance and return on investment.